Fall Academy 2012

Date: October 15–19, 2012
Location: Wintergreen, Virginia

For invited participants only


  • Maintained individual data distributed likelihood experiments (MIDDLE)
    Steven M. Boker, University of Virginia (UVa)
  • Social baseline theory and the social regulation of emotion
    James A. Coan, UVa
  • Age-related differences in goal focus
    Alexandra M. Freund, University of Zurich (UZh)
  • Dual and mobile eye tracking: New paradigms for studying the dynamics of teaching and learning
    Kevin F. Miller & Kai S. Cortina, University of Michigan (UM)
  • Changing thinking to reduce anxiety: Implications of a lifespan perspective
    Bethany Teachman, UVa
  • Individual risk attitudes and impatience: Measurement in a large-scale survey, determinants, and behavioral consequences
    Gert G. Wagner, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin)

Summit: Reinventing Lifespan Developmental Science

  • Social contexts and adolescent development
    Jacquelynne S. Eccles, UM
  • The lifespan approach to behavioral and neural development
    Ulman Lindenberger, MPI for Human Development, Berlin (MPIB)
  • Scattered thoughts on the future of lifespan research
    John R. Nesselroade, UVa
  • Fragile minds: The paradox of neuropathology and healthy aging
    Denise Park, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Fellow Presentations

  • Infants' processing of movement under occlusion
    Cathleen Bache, MPIB (Advisor: Ulman Lindenberger)
  • The influence of prior knowledge on episodic memory: A developmental neuroscience perspective
    Garvin Brod, MPIB (Advisors: Yee Lee Shing & Ulman Lindenberger)
  • A dietary planning intervention increases fruit consumption in Iranian women
    Maryam Gholami, Freie Universität Berlin (FU) (Advisor: Ralf Schwarzer)
  • Revisiting the relevance of academic language in the assessment of mathematical competence
    Nicole Haag, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) (Advisor: Petra Stanat)
  • Characterizing role of early life trauma in neuroendocrine reactivity among youth: Implications for adolescent depression research
    Kate Kuhlman, UM (Advisors: Nestor Lopez-Duran & Sherri Olson)
  • Class composition, instruction, and educational outcomes: The relevance of the learning environment for achievement and psychosocial development of students with and without an immigrant background
    Camilla Rjosk, HU (Advisors: Petra Stanat & Oliver Lüdtke)
  • Development of self-esteem and self-concepts during the transition from childhood to adolescence
    Kathrin Schaffhuser, UZh (Advisor: Mike Martin)
  • Language competencies and factual knowledge: How do they relate?
    Stefan Schipolowski, HU (Advisors: Oliver Wilhelm & Hans Anand Pant)
  • Considerable differences in late-life trajectories of life satisfaction between East Germany and West Germany
    Nina Vogel, HU, DIW (Advisors: Denis Gerstorf & Gert G. Wagner)
  • Brain plasticity: Timing of training-induced gray matter alterations
    Elisabeth Wenger, MPIB (Advisors: Martin Lövdén & Ulman Lindenberger)

Fellow Posters

  • Cognitive training in old age: Is multi-domain cognitive training superior to single-domain training?
    Julia Binder, UZh (Advisors: Mike Martin & Jacqueline Zöllig)
  • Clear skies ahead: Fair weather conditions are associated with relationship status and comfort with intimacy
    William J. Chopik, UM (Advisor: Robin Edelstein)
  • Confidence and eyewitness identification: Does the type of scale matter?
    David Dobolyi, UVa (Advisor: Chad Dodson)
  • In the wake of transgressions: What do victim-sensitive individuals do?
    Tanja M. Gerlach, formerly HU, now Technical University Darmstadt (Advisor: Jaap Denissen)
  • Chronological and implicit ages' relationship to anxiety across the adult lifespan
    Jennifer S. Green, UVa (Advisor: Bethany A. Teachman)
  • Test-retest reliability of cortical thickness in an older sample
    Sarah Hirsiger, UZh (Advisors: Lutz Jäncke & Mike Martin)
  • Development of a short preparatory behavior scale for physical activity
    Milena Koring, FU (Advisor: Ralf Schwarzer)
  • Consider the source: Children’s processing of child and adult explanation of mathematical equivalence
    Xingyu Pan, UM (Advisors: Kevin Miller & Priti Shah)
  • Electrophysiological correlates of speech-related attention
    Katharina Rufener, UZh (Advisor: Martin Meyer)
  • Age-related differences in escalation of commitment: No regret or avoidance of future losses?
    Josua Schmeitzky, UZh (Advisor: Alexandra M. Freund)
  • Ability beliefs are important predictors of math achievement
    Maria Ines (Mané) Susperreguy, UM (Advisor: Pamela E. Davis-Kean)
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