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Publications 2021

Adolf, J. K., Loossens, T., Tuerlinckx,  F., & Ceulemans, E. (in press). Optimal sampling rates for reliable continuous-time first-order autoregressive and vector autoregressive modeling. Psychological Methods. Preprint:

Allen, J. P., Loeb, E. L., Kansky, J., & Davis, A. A. (2020). Beyond susceptibility: Openness to peer influence is predicted by adaptive social relationships. International Journal of Behavioral Development. Advance online publication.

Anguera, J. A., Schachtner, J. N., Simon, A. J., Volponi, J., Javed, S., Gallen, C. L., & Gazzaley, A. (2021). Long-term maintenance of multitasking abilities following video game training in older adults. Neurobiology of Aging, 103, 22–30.

Arslan, R. C., Schilling, K. M., Gerlach, T. M., & Penke, L. (2018). Using 26,000 diary entries to show ovulatory changes in sexual desire and behavior. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Advance online publication.

Aschwanden, D., Strickhouser, J. E., Sesker, A. A., Lee, J. H., Luchetti, M., Stephan, Y., Sutin, A. R., & Terracciano, A. (2021). Psychological and behavioural responses to Coronavirus disease 2019: The role of personality. European Journal of Personality, 35(1), 51–66.

Ascigil, E., Wardecker, B. M., Chopik, W. J., Edelstein, R. S. (2021). Division of baby care in heterosexual and lesbian couples: Expectations versus reality. Journal of Marriage and Family, 83(2), 584–594.

Beam, C. R., Pezzoli, P., Mendle, J., Burt, S. A., Neale, M. C., Boker, S. M., Keel, P. K., & Klump, K. L. (2020). How nonshared environmental factors come to correlate with heredity. Development & Psychopathology. Advance online publication.

Bechtiger, L., Steinhoff, A., Buchmann, M., & Shanahan, L. (2021). Bidirectional associations between sympathy and self-disclosure in friendships from mid adolescence to early adulthood. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 31(2), 368–383.

Beltzer, M. L., Ameko, M. K., Daniel, K. E., Daros, A. R., Boukhechba, M., Barnes, L. E., & Teachman, B. A. (2021). Building an emotion regulation recommender algorithm for socially anxious individuals using contextual bandits. British Journal of Clinical Psychology. Advance online publication.

Cardini, B. B., & Freund, A. M. (2020). Recovery from accumulated strain: The role of daily mood and opportunity costs during a vacation. Psychology & Health. Advance online publication.

Chamberlain, J. D., Gagnon, H., Lalwani, P., Cassady, K. E., Simmonite, M., Foerster, B. R., Petrou, M., Seidler, R. D., Taylor, S. F., Weissman, D. H., Park, D. C., & Polk, T. A. (2021). GABA levels in ventral visual cortex decline with age and are associated with neural distinctiveness. Neurobiology of Aging, 102, 170–177.

Chan, T., Reese, Z. A., & Ybarra, O. (2021). Better to brag: Underestimating the risks of avoiding positive self‐disclosures in close relationships. Journal of Personality. Advance online publication.

Chan, T., Wang, I. M., & Ybarra, O. (2021). Leading and managing the workplace: The role of executive functions. Academy of Management Perspectives, 35(1), 142–164.

Charles, S., Röcke, C., Zadeh, R., Martin, M., Boker, S., & Scholz, U. (2021). Leveraging daily social experiences to motivate healthy aging. Journals of Gerontology: Series B. Advance online publication.

Choe, D. E. (2020). Curvilinear relations between preschool-aged children’s effortful control and socioemotional problems: Racial-ethnic differences in functional form. Child Psychiatry & Human Development. Advance online publication.

Depping, M. K., Uhlenbusch, N., Härter, M., Schramm, C., & Löwe, B. (2021). Efficacy of a brief, peer-delivered self-management intervention for patients with rare chronic diseases: A randomized clinical trial. JAMA Psychiatry, 78(6), 607–615.

Drewelies, J., Eibich, P., Düzel, S., Kühn, S., Krekel, C., Goebel, J., Kolbe, J., Demuth, I., Lindenberger, U., Wagner, G. G., & Gerstorf, D. (2021). Location, location, location: The role of objective neighborhood characteristics for perceptions of control. Gerontology. Advance online publication.

Fandakova, Y., & Gruber, M. (2021). Curiosity and surprise enhance memory differently in adolescents than in children. Developmental Science, 24(1), Article e13005.

Frank, C. C., Iordan, A. I., Ballouz, T. L., Mikels, J. A., & Reuter-Lorenz, P. A. (2021). Affective forecasting: A selective relationship with working memory for emotion. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 150(1), 67–82.

Galán, C. A., Bekele, B. M., Boness, C. L., Bowdring, M. A., Call, C. C., Hails, K., McPhee, J., Mendes, S. H., Moses, J., Northrup, J., Rupert, P., Savell, S., Sequelra, S., Tervo-Clemmens, B., Tung, I., Vanworedan, S., Womack, S. R., & Yilmaz, B. (2021). Editorial: A call to action for an antiracist clinical science. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 50(1), 12–57.

Garrett, D. D., Skowron, A., Wiegert, S., Adolf, J., Dahle, C. L., Lindenberger, U., & Raz, N. (in press). Lost dynamics and the dynamics of loss: Longitudinal compression of brain signal variability is coupled with declines in functional integration and cognitive performance. Cerebral Cortex.

Gettleman, J. N., Grabman, J. H., Dobolyi, D. G., & Dodson, C. S. (2021). A decision processes account of the differences in the eyewitness confidence-accuracy relationship between strong and weak face recognizers under suboptimal exposure and delay conditions. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 47(3), 402–421.

Getz, L. M., & Toscano, J. C. (2021). The time‐course of speech perception revealed by temporally‐sensitive neural measures. WIREs Cognitive Science, 12(2), Article e1541.

Gusakova, S., Chin, K., Ascigil, E., Conley, T. D., Chakravarty, D., Neilands, T. B., Hoff, C. C., & Darbes, L. A. (2020). Communication patterns among male couples with open and monogamous agreements. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Advance online publication.

Harden, K. P. (2021). “Reports of my death were greatly exaggerated”: Behavior genetics in the postgenomic era. Annual Review of Psychology, 72, 37–60.

Hardt, K., Boker, S. M., & Bergeman, C. S. (2020). A note on the usefulness of constrained fourth-order latent differential equation models in the case of small T. Psychometrika. Advance online publication.

Höltge, J., Theron, L., Cowden, R. G., Govender, K., Maximo, S. I., Carranza, J. S., Kapoor, B., Tomar, A., van Rensburg, A., Lu, S., Hu, H., Cavioni, V., Agliati, A., Grazzani, I., Smedema, Y., Kaur, G., Hurlington, K., Sanders, J., Munford, R., … Ungar, M. (2021). A cross-country network analysis of adolescent resilience. Journal of Adolescent Health, 68(3), 580–588.

Höltge, J., Theron, L., van Rensburg, A., Cowden, R. G., Govender, K., & Ungar, M. (2021). Investigating the interrelations between systems of support in 13- to 18-year-old adolescents: A network analysis of resilience promoting systems in a high and middle-income country. Child Development, 92(2), 586–599.

Hsueh, L., Werntz, A., Hobaica, S., Owens, S. A., Lumley, M. A., & Washburn, J. J. (2021). Clinical psychology PhD students' admission experiences: Implications for recruiting racial/ethnic minority and LGBTQ students. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 77(1), 105–120.

Iordan, A. D., Moored, K. D., Katz, B., Cooke, K. A., Buschkuehl, M., Jaeggi, S. M., Polk, T. A., Peltier, S. J., Jonides, J., & Reuter‐Lorenz, P. A. (2021). Age differences in functional network reconfiguration with working memory training. Human Brain Mapping, 42(6), 1888–1909.

Jager, J., & Keyes, K. M. (2021). Is substance use changing because of the COVID-19 pandemic? Conceptual and methodological considerations to delineating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on substance use and disorder. Addiction, 116(6), 1301–1303.

Jantz, T. K., Festini, S. B., & Reuter-Lorenz, P. A. (2020). Failing to forget? Evidence for both impaired and preserved working memory control in older adults. Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition. Advance online publication.

Joechner, A.-K., Wehmeier, S., & Werkle-Bergner, M. (2021). Electrophysiological indicators of sleep-associated memory consolidation in 5- to 6-year-old children. Psychophysiology. Advance online publication.

Jones, A., Markant, D. B., Pachur, T., Gopnik, A., & Ruggeri, A. (in press). How is the hypothesis space represented? Evidence from young children’s active search and predictions in a multiple-cue inference task. Developmental Psychology.

Jones, T. C., Biele, G., Mühlemann, B., Veith, T., Schneider, J., Beheim-Schwarzbach, J., Bleicker, T., Tesch, J., Schmidt, M. L., Sander, L. E., Kurth, F., Menzel, P., Schwarzer, R., Zuchowski, M., Hofmann, J., Krumbholz, A., Stein, A., Edelmann, A., Corman, V. M., & Drosten, C. (2021). Estimating infectiousness throughout SARS-CoV-2 infection course. Science. Advance online publication.

Karalija, N., Papenberg, G., Wåhlin, A., Johansson, J., Andersson, M., Axelsson, J., Riklund, K., Lindenberger, U., Nyberg, L., & Bäckman, L. (in press). Sex differences in dopamine integrity and brain structure among healthy older adults: Relationships to episodic memory. Neurobiology of Aging. Advance online publication.

Keller, L., Preckel, F., & Brunner, M. (2021). Nonlinear relations between achievement and academic self-concepts in elementary and secondary school: An integrative data analysis across 13 countries. Journal of Educational Psychology, 113(3), 585–604.

Kelly, D. P., & Beltz, A. M. (2020). Capturing fluctuations in gendered cognition: Validation of intensive longitudinal measures of three-dimensional mental rotations ability and verbal recall. Assessment. Advance online publication.

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Yucel, M., Sjobeck, G. R., Glass, R., & Rottman, J. (in press). Being in the know: Social network analysis of gossip and friendship on college campuses. Human Nature. Preprint:

Yucel, M., & Westgate, E. C. (in press). From electric shocks to the electoral college: How boredom steers moral behavior. In A. Elpidorou (Ed.), The moral psychology of boredom. Rowman & Littlefield.

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