Fall Academy 2013

Date: October 13–18, 2013
Locations: Schloss Marbach, Germany

For invited participants only


  • Mapping facial expression onto a semantic space of emotion
    Steven M. Boker, University of Virginia
  • Prospective memory, retrospective memory and confidence
    Chad Dodson, University of Virginia
  • Simple heuristics in a social world
    Ralph Hertwig, MPI for Human Development
  • Television and children's executive functioning
    Angeline Lillard, University of Virginia
  • Orthographic aspects of visual word processing in normal and dyslexic reading
    Urs Maurer, University of Zurich
  • Neuroplasticity of tinnitus
    Martin Meyer, University of Zurich
  • t.b.a.
    Kevin Miller, University of Michigan
  • To approach or to avoid? Social motivation across adulthood
    Jana Nikitin, University of Zurich
  • Working memory fluctuations in elementary school children
    Florian Schmiedek, MPI for Human Development & DIPF
  • Health behavior change: Constructs, mechanisms, and interventions
    Ralf Schwarzer, Freie Universität Berlin
  • A LIFE collaboration to study functional brain connectivity in healthy older adults
    Rachael Seidler, University of Michigan


  • Garvin Brod, MPIB (Advisors: Yee Lee Shing & Ulman Lindenberger)
  • Josua Schmeitzky, University of Zürich (Advisor: Alexandra M. Freund)
  • Judith Mangelsdorf, Freie Universität Berlin (Advisor: Michael Eid)
  • Katharina Rufener, University of Zurich (Advisor: Martin Meyer)
  • Anika Josef, MPI for Human Development (Advisors: Ralph Hertwig, Rui Mata)
  • Nina Lisofsky, MPI for Human Development, (Advisor: Simone Kühn)
  • Alexander Kocaj, Institut zur Qualitätsentwicklung im Bildungswesen (Advisor: Petra Stanat)


  • Rachel Bachem, University of Zurich (Advisor: Andreas Maercker)
  • Julia Binder, University of Zurich (Advisors: Jacqueline Zöllig & Mike Martin)
  • Jessica Buehler, University of Zurich (Advisor: Urs Maurer)
  • Rafael Vera Cruz de Carvalho, ISSBD
  • Lavinia E. Damian, ISSBD
  • Johanna Drewelies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Advisor: Denis Gerstorf)
  • Geneva Dodson, University of Virginia (Advisor: Steven M. Boker)
  • Laura Getz, University of Virginia (Advisors: Rachel Keen & Michael Kubovy)
  • Maryam Gholami, Freie Universität Berlin (Advisor: Ralf Schwarzer)
  • Nathalie Giroud, University of Zurich (Advisor: Martin Meyer)
  • Given Hapunda, ISSBD
  • Maike Kleemeyer, MPI for Human Development (Advisor: Ulman Lindenberger)
  • Andreas Küffer, University of Zurich (Advisor: Andreas Maercker)
  • Jenny Amanda Ortiz Munoz, ISSBD
  • Lynn Ossher, University of Michigan (Advisors: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz & Cindy Lustig)
  • Xingyu Pan, University of Michigan (Advisors: Keven Miller & Priti Shah)
  • Lauren Reed, University of Michigan (Advisors: Monique Ward & Richard Tolman)
  • Rukmen Sehmi, ISSBD
  • Meike Slagt, ISSBD
  • Jessica Tearne, ISSBD
  • Sasra Amalie O'Toole Thommessen, ISSBD
  • Nina Vogel, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin & DIW (Advisors: Denis Gerstorf & Gert G. Wagner)
  • Yang Yang, ISSBD
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