Fall Academy 2015

Date: October 18–22, 2015
Organizer: Alexandra M. Freund, University of Zurich
Venue: Schloss Marbach, Germany

For invited participants only.


  • Adaptive equilibrium regulation: A model for developmental change in regulation
    Steve Boker, University of Virginia
  • Depletion of willpower: A Western concept? A comparison of Chinese and US college students
    Kai S. Cortina, University of Michigan
  • Interrelations between language and action
    Moritz Daum, University of Zurich
  • The Bobo doll revisited
    Angeline Lillard, University of Virginia
  • The hidden forces that shape the patterns of women’s lifetimes
    Bobbi S. Low, University of Michigan
  • Healthy aging: An individualized real-life approach
    Mike Martin, University of Zurich
  • "Early English" in Swiss primary schools: A longitudinal study with behavioral and neural measurements
    Urs Maurer, University of Zurich
  • The German Socio-Economic Panel as a rich data source for developmental psychology
    David Richter, DIW (guest)
  • Changes in child and family functioning across developmental transitions
    Brenda Volling, University of Michigan
  • Rhythmic neural activity and aging: Effects on memory formation?
    Markus Werkle-Bergner, MPI for Human Develo
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