Fall Academy 2016

Date: October 6–10, 2016
Location: MPI for Human Development, Berlin
Organizer: Ulman Lindenberger


  • Motivational shifts in aging monkeys
    Alexandra M. Freund, University of Zurich
  • Lying in the laboratory: The price we pay
    Ralph Hertwig, MPI for Human Development
  • The structure of lives
    Michael Kubovy, University of Virginia
  • Altruistic behavior across the adult life span
    Ulrich Mayr, University of Oregon
  • On the necessity of subject-specific data analysis
    Peter Molenaar, Pennsylvania State University
  • An evo-devo perspective on working families: Policy and practice implications
    Brenda Volling, University of Michigan


  • Cognitive abilities and personality traits in older adults: Results from the Zurich Longitudinal Study on Cognitive Aging
    Damaris Aschwanden, UZh (Advisors: Mathias Allemand and Mike Martin)
  • Value-based decision making under perceptual uncertainty
    Rasmus Bruckner, FU (Advisor: Hauke Heekeren)
  • When having fun is over: Examining indicators of recovery and exhaustion
    Brian B. Cardini, UZh (Advisor: Alexandra M. Freund)
  • Protective role of religion and spirituality against depression and suicide among Black Adolescents
    Yasmin Cole-Lewis, UM
  • Adult age differences in auditory selective attention: The interplay of norepinephrine and rhythmic neural activity
    Martin Dahl, MPIB (Advisor: Markus Werkle-Bergner)
  • The role of cognitive processing units in writing and their emergence in German
    Stefan Heß, MPIB (Advisor: Sascha Schroeder)
  • A systematic review on the curvilinear relationship of adversity and thriving
    Jan Hoeltge, UZh (Advisor: Andreas Maercker)
  • What do numerical representation abilities tell us about math performance beyond executive functions?
    Amira Ibrahim, UM (Advisor: Pamela Davis-Kean)
  • Putting off your workout? What goal focus has to do with it.
    Oliver J. Kaftan, UZh (Advisor: Alexandra M. Freund)
  • Individual differences and underlying mechanisms in cognitive training
    Ben Katz, UM (Advisor: Priti Shah)
  • The functional relationship between academic achievement and academic self-concepts: Linear or not?
    Lena Keller, FU (Advisor: Martin Brunner)
  • The role of temporal envelope in speech processing: age-related differences?
    Matthias Keller, UZh (Advisor: Martin Meyer)
  • Dissociable effects of age and testosterone on adolescent impatience: Implications on brain function and structure
    Corinna Laube, MPIB (Advisor: Timothy Pleskac)
  • How the sensorimotor system helps to grasp the idea of action-language in toddlers
    Katharina Ledergerber, UZh (Advisor: Moritz M. Daum)
  • First year to future career: How gendered dynamics shape belonging and long-term retention in STEM
    Neil Lewis, UM
  • Socio-interpersonal processes predict ICD-11 adjustment disorder symptoms following involuntary job loss
    Louisa Lorenz, UZh (Advisor: Andreas Maercker)
  • The h-aDDM toolbox: A hierarchical framework to model value-based decisions and visual fixation processes
    Felix Molter, FU (Advisor: Peter Mohr)
  • Longitudinal coupled changes of white matter integrity and cognitive/motor abilities in healthy aging
    Jessica Oschwald, UZh (Advisor: Mike Martin)
  • “Science simply isn’t for me” – Why  preschool teachers’ motivational beliefs matter
    Elisa Oppermann, FU (Advisor: Martin Brunner)
  • Reverse-engineering the brain: Decoding epigenotypes and behavioral phenotypes through patterned network architecture
    Tyler Santander, UVa (Advisor: Chad Dodson)
  • Home television viewing and children’s empathy and social skills
    Jessica Taggart, UVa (Advisor: Angeline Lillard)
  • Interference between action perception and action production across the lifespan
    Stephanie Wermelinger, UZh (Advisor: Moritz Daum)
  • Every rose has its thorn: Infants’ behavioral responses to pointy-shaped objects in naturalistic contexts
    Aleksandra Włodarczyk, MPIB (Advisor: Annie E. Wertz)


  • Age- and cohort-related changes in emotional and social loneliness
    Anne Böger, DZA (Advisors: Clemens Tesch-Römer, Oliver Huxhold)
  • Aging attitudes and daily activity choices: Implications for well-being
    Hannah L. Giasson, University of Michigan (Advisor: Jacqui Smith)
  • Tomographic neurofeedback as treatment for chronic tinnitus: A clinical study
    Dominik Güntensperger, University of Zurich (Advisor: Martin Meyer)
  • Factor score prediction in dynamic models of change
    Katinka Hardt, HU (Advisor: Manuel Völkle)
  • Social network profiles among older latina/os
    Elise Hernandez, University of Michigan (Advisor:
  • Preservation and decline of directed forgetting effects in healthy older adults
    Tiffany K. Jantz, University of Michigan (Advisor: Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz)
  • The impact of stereotype awareness on black American women’s sexuality
    Morgan Jerald, University of Michigan (Advisor:
  • Household labor, his and hers: Implications for experienced well-being
    Jasmine Manalel, University of Michigan (Advisor: Jacqui Smith)
  • Attention to social information is associated with epigenetic variability of the oxytocin receptor
    Meghan H. Puglia, University of Michigan (Advisors: Jessica J. Connelly & James P. Morris)
  • Representational similarity of memory encoding and retrieval across the adult lifespan
    Verena R. Sommer, MPIB (Advisor: Ulman Lindenberger)
  • Implicit health associations across the adult lifespan
    Alexandra J. Werntz, University of Michigan (Advisor: Bethany A. Teachman)
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