Spring Academy 2008

Date: May 19–24, 2008
Venue: University of Virginia, Charlottesville
Darden Business School


  • Peer socialization processes from early adolescence to early adulthood
    Joe Allen, University of Virginia (UVa)
  • Social baseline theory and the social regulation of emotion
    James Coan, UVa
  • Propensity score analysis: A new alternative to using covariates in nonexperimental designs
    Kai Cortina, University of Michigan (UM)
  • Too close for comfort: Attachment avoidance and the defensive regulation of emotion, behavior, and cognition
    Robin S. Edelstein, UM
  • Emotions, decisions, and the brain
    Richard Gonzalez, UM
  • The changing taste of development
    David Hill, UVa
  • At the intersection of motivation, emotion, and action: Adult development and the dynamics among goals
    Michaela Riediger, Max Planck Institute for Human Development (MPIB)
  • The combination of surveys and experiments in lifespan and life-course research
    Gert G. Wagner, German Institute for Economic Research (DIW)
  • Individual differences in conflict and context effects: Evidence from the Simon and Eriksen task
    Oliver Wilhelm, HU

Fellow Presentations

  • Adult age differences in structural brain connectivity and their relations to brain functioning and behavior
    Agnieszka Burzynska, MPIB
  • Family socio-economic background, education, and labor force outcomes
    Daniel Caro, HU
  • Skin cancer prevention for adolescents: A theory- and evidence-based intervention approach
    Natalie Mallach, FU
  • Culture and self-reflection: Preliminary findings
    Felicity Miao, UVa
  • Age-related differences in investment decisions
    Peter Mohr, MPIB
  • Performance level modulates adult age differences in brain activation during a spatial working memory task
    Irene Nagel, MPIB
  • The couple dance: Intimacy and autonomy in couples' distance regulation over adulthood
    Wiebke Neberich, HU
  • The role of personality similarity in judgments of liking
    Elizabeth Tenney, UVa
  • On the nature of affective priming: Effects of prime saliency and target saturation in the liking paradigm and its theoretical implications
    André Weinreich, HU
  • Structure of movement variability in manual pointing in older and younger adults
    Julius Verrel, MPIB
  • Generalized mixed models with mixture links for multivariate zero-inflated count data
    Lijuan Wang, UVa

Fellow Posters

  • Intraindividual variability in cognitive performance and student achievement in early adolescence
    Gizem Hülür, HU
  • Experiences with intrusive thoughts in younger and older adults
    Joshua Magee, UVa
  • Beginning teachers' perceived mentor support: Preliminary results of a pilot study
    Dirk Richter, MPIB
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