Spring Academy 2012

Date: May 9–14, 2012
Location: MPI for Human Development, Berlin

Faculty Lectures

  • Early transitions in educational careers: Are parents' decisions rational or wise?
    Jürgen Baumert, MPI for Human Development (MPIB)
  • Methodological challenges and possible solutions to the study of adult development and aging
    Alexandra M. Freund, UZh
  • Inquiry into terminal decline: History, status quo, and future prospects
    Denis Gerstorf, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU)
  • Neural plasticity in the developing gustatory brainstem
    David Hill, University of Virginia (UVa)
  • Culture and emotion regulation: Some psychological consequences
    Shinobu Kitayama, University of Michigan (UM)
  • Dyadic co-development across the lifespan: Dyadic co-development across the lifespan: How temporal interpersonal systems stabilize their relationship quality
    Mike Martin, University of Zurich (UZh)
  • On bets and p's
    Timo von Oertzen, UVa
  • Modeling visual word recognition across the lifespan
    Sascha Schroeder, MPIB
  • Experience and executive functions: Evidence from correlational, naturalistic, and training studies
    Priti Shah, UM
  • Episodic memory across the lifespan: separating strategic and associative components
    Yee Lee Shing, MPIB
  • Fellow and Alumni Presentations
  • Ten-month-old infants' processing of continuous vs. non-continuous movement: Is there evidence for action simulation from ERPs?
    Cathleen Bache, MPIB
  • Different understandings of the same marriage: A genetically informed study of spouses' marital functioning
    Christopher Beam, UVa
  • The secret lives of experiments: Estimating the analytic flexibility of functional neuroimaging
    Joshua Carp, UM
  • Social networks across the lifespan: A LIFE perspective
    Katherine L. Fiori, UM alumna, now Adelphi University
  • The Age of Anxiety: A multi-dimensional perspective on age and anxiety across the adult life span
    Jennifer Green, UVa
  • No pain, no gain? How pleasure and pain impact means evaluations
    Marie Hennecke, UZh alumna, now UVa
  • Cognitive and neuroanatomical changes associated with healthy aging
    Sarah Hirsiger, UZh
  • How transition to grandparenthood affects job-related attitudes and plans
    Dalit Jäckel, UZh
  • Affective variability across adolescence: A temporary imbalance between hormonal and cognitive development?
    Kathrin Klipker, MPIB
  • Understanding procrastination: A dynamic model of procrastination and goal focus
    Kathrin Krause, UZh
  • Catch me if you can: Novel mechanisms of social functioning and intervention in youth with autism spectrum disorders
    Matthew D. Lerner, UVa
  • Lower EEG inter-trial phase coherence is related to higher reaction time variability across the lifespan
    Goran Papenberg, MPIB
  • Does job stress impact social involvement? Findings in the Health and Retirement Study
    Bettina Sonnenberg, DIW
  • Discovery of large-scale psychological differences within China explained by rice vs. wheat agriculture
    Thomas Talhelm, UVa

Fellow and Alumni Posters

  • Demographic influences on parenting in low-income families
    Riana Anderson, UVa
  • Ten-month-old infants’ processing of continuous vs. non-continuous movement: Is there evidence for action simulation from ERPs?
    Cathleen Bache, MPIB
  • Phenotype-environment correlations in longitudinal twin models
    Christopher R. Beam, UVa
  • Training-induced neural plasticity across the lifespan
    Ladina Bezzola, UZh alumna
  • Age and the integration of novel sensory inputs
    Timothy R. Brick, UVa alumnus, now MPIB
  • Women with an avoidant attachment style show attenuated estradiol responses to emotionally intimate stimuli
    William J. Chopik, UM
  • Now you see me and now you see me again: Investigating source confusion and high confidence errors for mugbook presentations in younger and older adults
    David Dobolyi, UVa
  • Are there differences in delay of gratification between elderly individuals with and without cognitive impairment?
    Reinhard Drobetz, UZh alumnus
  • Cost and benefits of being wonderful
    Michael Dufner, HU
  • A dual-route cascaded model of reading by deaf adults: Evidence for grapheme to viseme conversion
    Eeva A. Elliott, FU
  • Adult age differences in the neural correlates of interference control over currently irrelevant memories
    Yana Fandakova, MPIB
  • Emergence of behavioral individuality in genetically identical mice exposed to the same environment
    Julia Freund, CRTD — Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden
  • Dynamical system analysis applied on longitudinal data from memory updating task measures
    Fidan Gasimova, HU, now Ulm University
  • Linguistic simplification of mathematics test items as an accommodation for second language learners
    Nicole Haag, HU
  • Effects of physical activity on the senescent brain and cognition
    Maike Kleemeyer, MPIB
  • Planning and preparatory behaviors bridge the intention-behavior gap in physical activity
    Milena Koring, FU
  • Impact of caesarean section on psychological and physical health of mothers and their children: Evidence from German survey data
    Anita Kottwitz, DIW
  • Understanding the role of early life trauma in the neuroendocrine dysregulation of youth depression
    Kate R. Kuhlman & Nestor L. Lopez-Duran, UM
  • Estimation and interpretation of latent variable interactions
    Julie Maslowsky, UM alumna
  • When developmental outcomes turn into gain: Stability becomes more positive with increasing age
    Maida Mustafić, UZh alumna
  • The effect of bilingualism on amnestic mild cognitive impairment
    Lynn Ossher, UM
  • Peer popularity and personal discrimination: A longitudinal multilevel study of immigrant youth
    Anne K. Reitz, HU
  • Relevance of class composition for selected aspects of quality of instruction and achievement gains
    Camilla Rjosk, HU
  • Speech processing — the unique ability that remains stable over the lifespan?
    Katharina Rufener, UZh
  • Intra- and interbrain synchronization and network properties when playing guitar in duets
    Johanna Sänger, MPIB
  • Self-development during the transition from childhood to adolescence
    Kathrin Schaffhuser, UZh
  • Differentiation of crystallized abilities during secondary education
    Stefan Schipolowski, HU
  • Functioning and coupling of memory systems during spatial navigation are affected by age and KIBRA (WWC1) genotype
    Nicolas W. Schuck, HU/MPIB
  • The impact of cyberbullying on internalizing and externalizing problems in adolescence
    Anja Schultze-Krumbholz, FU
  • Not just child’s play: Exploring the trajectory of pretense engagement through early adulthood
    Eric D. Smith, UVa
  • "Math talk" in families of preschool-aged children
    Mané Susperreguy, UM
  • Interoceptive awareness modulates affect transfer in AMP-related subliminal affective priming
    André Weinreich, Berlin alumnus, HU
  • Comparing manually segmented to automatically segmented hippocampal volumes: Reliability and validity issues for older brains
    Elisabeth Wenger, MPIB
  • Who lived happily thereafter? Differential effects of subjective well-being on mortality
    Maja Wiest, Berlin alumna, DZA, Benjamin Schüz, DZA, Noah Webster, UM, & Susanne Wurm, DZA
  • Social influence and bullying behavior: Intervention-based network dynamics
    Ralf Wölfer, Berlin alumnus, FU
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