Spring Academy 2013

Date: May 14–18, 2013
Location: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

For invited participants only


  • Time-oriented design and data analysis: Playing with new mediums
    Nilam Ram, UVa alumnus, now Penn State University


  • Improving nonresident African American fathers' parenting skills and behaviors to reduce sons' aggression
    Cleopatra Caldwell, University of Michigan
  • Mechanisms of action perception in infancy
    Moritz Daum, University of Zurich
  • Violence is contagious across the social ecosystem
    Eric Dubow, Bowling Green State University & University of Michigan
  • Stepping back to move forward: Self-distancing promotes meaning-making
    Ethan Kross, University of Michigan
  • Interactive talk with fellows
    Data mining in a retrospective study on former indentured child laborers in old age

    Andreas Maercker, University of Zurich
  • Neuroplasticity
    Arno Villringer, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig
  • Evolution of risk for substance abuse over the first 20 years of life
    Robert A. Zucker, University of Michigan


  • Averting pathways to pain: Discrimination, ethnic identity, parenting, and child outcomes
    Riana Elyse Anderson, UVa (Advisor: Melvin Wilson)
  • A developmental neuroscience perspective on the influence of prior knowledge on episodic memory: Finding a paradigm that works
    Garvin Brod, MPIB (Advisors: Yee Lee Shing & Ulman Lindenberger)
  • Decision making across the lifespan: The role of motivation
    Miriam Depping, UZh (Advisor: Alexandra M. Freund)
  • Measures of the confidence–accuracy relationship: An investigation of power
    David Dobolyi, UVa (Advisor: Chad Dodson)
  • Effects of exercise on cognition in older adults: First results from a randomized, controlled intervention
    Maike Kleemeyer, MPIB (Advisors: Sabine Schaefer & Ulman Lindenberger)
  • Cognitive control of attention and working memory as influenced by weight control
    Lynn Ossher, UM (Advisors: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz & Cindy Lustig)
  • Consider the source: Children’s processing of peer and adult’s explanation of mathematical equivalence
    Xingyu Pan, UM (Advisors: Kevin Miller & Priti Shah)
  • Goal focus and the experience of boredom
    Josua Schmeitzky, UZh (Advisor: Alexandra M. Freund)
  • Examining medium-specific effects on children's propensity to imitate
    Eric D. Smith, UVa (Advisors: Angeline S. Lillard & James P. Morris)
  • Math talk in families of preschool-aged children: Frequency and relations to children’s early math skills across time
    Mané Susperreguy, UM (Advisor: Pamela Davis-Kean)
  • Sophisticated yet easy modeling with Ωnyx
    Siny Tsang, UVa (Advisor: Timo von Oertzen)
  • Age-related differences in the influence of social context on momentary affect
    Nina Vogel, HU & DIW (Advisors: Denis Gerstorf & Gert G. Wagner)


  • Research into resiliency: A new conceptualization of sense of coherence
    Rahel Bachem, UZh (Advisor: Andreas Maercker )
  • Is multi-domain cognitive training superior to single-domain training? Preliminary results of a cognitive training study with older adults
    Julia Binder, UZh (Advisors: Jacqueline Zöllig & Mike Martin)
  • Maternal nurturance predicts lower child avoidance in emerging adulthood
    William Chopik, UM (Advisor: Robin Edelstein)
  • An investigation of construct validity using higher order invariance across literacy and income levels
    Geneva Dodson, UVa (Advisor: Steven M. Boker)
  • The development of intraindividual interest profiles across four domains
    Alanna Epstein, UM (Advisor: Jacquelynne Eccles)
  • Neural correlates of the positivity effect
    Miray Erbey, HU (Advisor: Arno Villringer)
  • The sense of requiredness and rhythmic expertise: Is the clave pattern the “key” to salsa music?
    Laura Getz, UVa (Advisor: Michael Kubovy)
  • Self-regulation and behavior change across the lifespan
    Maryam Gholami, FU (Advisor: Ralf Schwarzer)
  • Does the active participation in leisure time activities promote cognitive and neuroanatomical health?
    Sarah Hirsiger, UZh (Advisors: Mike Martin & Lutz Jäncke)
  • A genetically informed analysis of the trajectory of antisocial behavior from adolescence to early adulthood: The role of marriage
    Erin E. Horn, UVa (Advisors: Eric Turkheimer & Robert E. Emery)
  • Age differences in memory-based decision making
    Anika K. Josef, MPIB (Advisors: Ralph Hertwig & Rui Mata)
  • Emotion dynamics in adolescents' daily life
    Kathrin Klipker, MPIB (Advisors: Michaela Riediger, Cornelia Wrzus, & Antje Rauers)
  • Classroom composition and development of students' subject-related motivation
    Camilla Rjosk, HU (Advisors: Petra Stanat & Oliver Lüdtke)
  • Don't get lost in details: The relevance of global information in auditory language processing
    Katharina Rufener, UZh (Advisor: Martin Meyer)
  • Personality traits and relationship satisfaction in intimate couples: A focus on self-, partner- and meta-perception of personality
    Kathrin Schaffhuser, UZh (Advisors: Mike Martin & Mathias Allemand)
  • Wives' and husbands' marital tension trajectories over 16 years 
    Wylie Wan, UM (Advisors: Toni Antonucci, Jacqui Smith, & Kira Birditt)
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