Spring Academy 2016

Date: May 29 – June 2, 2016, University of Virginia
Organizer: Steven M. Boker
Venue: Morven Farm, Charlottesville

For invited participants only.

Alumni Award Lecture

  • The ontogeny of cultural learning
    Cristine H. Legare

Faculty Lectures

  • Headless headers – On the intuitive physics of professional football players
    Moritz Daum, UZH
  • Dyadic and longitudinal perspectives on testosterone and close relationship processes
    Robin Edelstein, UM
  • Policy advice: An area of conflict between expertise and advocacy
    Gert Wagner, DIW
  • Identifying epigenetic markers to better understand individual differences in behavior.
    Jessica Conelly, UVa
  • Categorical auditory perception in songbirds as a model for early language acquisition
    C. Chad Meliza, UVa

Fellow Presentations

  • Age- and cohort-related changes in the relevance of kin and non-kin relationships
    Anne Böger, DZA
  • Lifespan differences in the regulation of learning rates
    Rasmus Bruckner, FU
  • Hierarchical continuous time dynamic modelling
    Charles Driver, MPIB
  • The truth about lies: A meta-analysis on dishonest behavior
    Philipp Gerlach, MPIB
  • The interaction between OXTR genotype and life history moderates neural associations of social perception
    Marlen Gonzalez, UVa
  • Goal focus and procrastination: within- and between-subjects analyses of real-time reports
    Oliver Kaftan, UZh
  • Can attention-based decision models explain developmental differences in contextual risky choice?
    Felix Molter, FU
  • Neuroimaging and robotic assessment of online tDCS effects in stroke and normal aging
    Toni Muffel, HU
  • Meet up: Development of social contact frequency across the lifespan
    Julia Sander, DIW/FU
  • Socio-economic differences in the amount and quality of student employment: Evidence from Germany
    Mila Staneva, DIW

Poster Presentations

  • Personality and Cognition: Stability and Changes in Old Age
    Damaris Aschwanden, UZh
  • Cognitive control and positive emotion regulation
    Johanna Grosse Rueschkamp, HU
  • Working Memory Training in Old Age: The Role of Individual Differences
    Sabrina Guye, UZH
  • The role of cognitive processing units in writing and their emergence in German
    Stefan Hess, MPIB
  • Ambivalence about Support in Later Life: Comparing U.S.-born and Foreign-born Latina/os in the Health and Retirement Study
    Elise Hernandez, UM
  • Determinants and mechanisms of thriving: a systematic review
    Jan Hoeltge, UZh
  • Do I See What You See? The Influence of Stereotype Perception on Mental and Physical Health Outcomes in Black American Women
    Morgan Jerald, UM
  • Profiling mathematically gifted girls and boys around the world: Gender differences in achievement and achievement motivation
    Lena Keller, FU
  • The Use and Neuronal Correlates of Temporal and Spectral Speech Information Processing in Different Age Groups.
    Matthias Keller, UZh
  • Cognitive Dedifferentiation: Meta-Regression Across the Lifespan
    Claire La Fleur, UVa
  • Puberty as a source of outlandish behavior? The role of pubertal development in impulsivity
    Corinna Laube, MPIB
  • Action verbs are associated with sensorimotor mu-desynchronization in toddlers
    Katharina Ledergerber, UZh
  • Paying (for) Attention
    Ziyong Lin, UM
  • Predictive value of Socio-Interpersonal Processes for Adjustment Disorder Symptoms after Involuntary Job Loss
    Louisa Lorenz, UZh
  • The development of social convoys: A longitudinal analysis of social network structure
    Jasmine A. Manalel, UM
  • On the role of personality late in life
    Swantje Müller, HU
  • Poster presentation: Longitudinal Coupled Changes of White Matter Integrity and Cognitive Abilities in Healthy Aging
    Jessica Oschwald, UZh
  • Does the Type of Parental Involvement that Predicts Success Vary Across Countries? Findings from PISA 2012
    Inah Park, UM
  • The structure of variability in the brain: Decoding epigenotypes and behavioral phenotypes through patterned network dynamics 
    Tyler Santander, UVa
  • Through Another’s Eyes: Does Perspective-Taking Influence Children’s Prosocial Behavior Following Storybook Reading?
    Jessica Taggart, UVa
  • Perceiving others' actions: Action simulation across the adult life span
    Stephanie Wermelinger, UZh
  • Infants’ behavioral responses to pointy-shaped objects in naturalistic contexts
    Aleksandra Wlodarczyk, MPIB
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