Fall Academy 2017

University of Zurich

Date: October 15–19, 2017
Location: University of Zurich
Organizer: Alexandra M. Freund

For invited participants only.


  • School Belonging in Different Cultures: The Effects of Individualism and Power Distance
    Kai S. Cortina, University of Michigan
  • Gender Diversity in Leadership: How Social Science Myths Can Undermine Scientific and Societal Progress
    Alice Eagly, Northwestern University
  • Flashbulb Memories and Narrativity from the Point of View of the Structure of Lives
    Michael Kubovy, University of Virginia
  • Bayesian Clustering with Dirichlet Priors in Social Sciences
    Timo von Oertzen, MPI for Human Development, Berlin
  • Tailoring Interventions to Individual Within-Person Processes
    Florian Schmiedek, MPI for Human Development, Berlin
  • Cannabis and Opioid Use in the Early Life-Course: New Insights from the Great Smoky Mountains Study
    Lilly Shanahan, University of Zurich
  • Adaptational Processes: From Stress to Health
    Myriam Thoma, University of Zurich
  • Memory Distinctiveness and the Hippocampus: A Lifespan Perspective
    Markus Werkle-Bergner, MPI for Human Development, Berlin


  • When Verbs Facility Action-Goals Anticipation - the Role of the Sensorimotor System
    Katharina Antognini, University of Zurich (Advisor: Moritz Daum)
  • Social Anxiety and Dynamic Social Reinforcement Learning in a Volatile Environment
    Miranda Beltzer, University of Virginia (Advisor: Bethany Teachman)
  • Grasping Decision-Making Processes as Time Keeps Kicking Away
    Tiago Cabaco, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Advisors: Manuel Völkle, Florian Schmiedek)
  • Learning from Apps and Objects: The Human Touch
    Sierra Eisen, University of Virginia (Advisor: Angeline Lillard)
  • Working Memory Training Effectiveness and the Role of Individual Differences
    Sabrina Guye, University of Zurich (Advisors: Mike Martin, Ladina Bezzola, Claudia von Basian)
  • Up-Regulation of Positive Emotions in fMRI and Experience Sampling
    Johanna Grosse Rüschkamp, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Advisors: Annette Brose, Arno Villringer, & Michael Gaebler)
  • The Influence of Individual Differences in Math Anxiety on Learning Novel Mathematics Content
    Amira Ibrahim, University of Michigan (Advisor: Priti Shah)
  • Colinergic-limiting Genetic Variant Associated with Cognitive Deficits in Older Adults with Depression
    Tiffany Jantz, University of Michigan (Advisors: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz & Cindy Lustig)
  • The Role of Daily Contexts in Affective Responding to Uplifts and Hassles
    Marko Katana, University of Zurich (Advisors: Christina Röcke, Mike Martin, Lutz Jäncke, & Mathias Allemand)
  • How Do Children Change During a Set Shifting Training?
    Neda Khosravani, MPI for Human Development (Advisors: Ulman Lindenberger & Yana Fandakova)
  • Psychological Factors Associated with Positive Health Outcomes in Older Adults with Experiences of Childhood Adversity
    Shauna McGee, University of Zurich (Advisors: Andreas Maercker & Myriam Thoma)
  • A Lifespan Approach to the Study of Goal Focus: Theoretical Considerstions
    Lea Mörsdorf, University of Zurich (Advisors: Alexander Freund & Moritz Daum)
  • Epigenetic and Neural Mechanisms of Social Attention
    Megan H. Puglia, University of Virginia (Advisors: Jessica J. Connely & James P. Morris)
  • Age Patterns in the Determinants of Wellbeing Across Europe
    Julia Rohrer, DIW Berlin (Advisors: Jürgen Schupp & Gert G. Wagner)
  • The Developmental Trajectory of Emotion Regulation During the First Year
    Paige Safyer, University of Michigan (Advisors: Brenda Volling & Rich Tolman)
  • Low-income Parents with College Degrees: Investigating the Relationship Between Parent Gender, Family Characteristics, and Child Development
    Lauren Tighe, University of Michigan (Advisors: Pamela Davis-Kean & Toni Antonucci)
  • Association Between Action Production, Motor Experience, and Action Perception
    Stephanie Wermelinger, University of Zurich (Advisor: Moritz Daum)
  • Why Boredom Is Interesting
    Erin C. Westgate, University of Virginia (Advisor: Timothy Wilson)


  • Physical Activity in Coronary Heart Disease Patients: An Intraindividual Dual- Systems Approach to the Theory of Planned Behaviour
    Tania Bermudez, University of Zurich (Advisors: Urte Scholz, Andreas Maercker)
  • Predictors of Physical Activity and Specific Exercises in the Context of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation: Study Design Presentation
    Walter Bierbauer, University of Zurich (Advisor: Urte Scholz)
  • A Multi-Method Approach to Study Cognitive Factors Underlying Selective Learning
    Julia Brehm, University of Zurich (Advisor: Moritz Daum)
  • Indicators of Recovery: Results from the Sport and Relaxation Study
    Brian Cardini, University of Zurich (Advisor: Alexandra M. Freund)
  • Individual Differences Predictors of Verbal Working Memory Plasticity in Younger and Older Adults
    Katherine A. Cooke, University of Michigan (Advisor: Patti Reuter-Lorenz, Rachael Seidler)
  • Who Can Enjoy What They (Have To) Do? The Construction and Validation of the Dispositional Taking Pleasure Scale
    Thomas Czikmantori, University of Zurich (Advisor: Veronika Brandstätter, Marie Henneke)
  • Interaction of SES and Heritability of Cognitive Performance Across Late Childhood/Early Adolescence: A Multivariate, Longitudinal Approach
    Evan J. Giangrande, University of Virginia (Advisor: Eric Turkheimer)
  • Treating Chronic Tinnitus with Neurofeedback
    Dominik Güntensperger, University of Zurich (Advisor: Martin Meyer)
  • Mechanisms of Steeling in Higher Age
    Jan Höltge, University of Zürich (Advisors: Andreas Maercker, Myriam Thoma)
  • Healthy Aging is Associated with Declines in Episodic Memory
    Anna Karlsson, MPI for Human Development (Advisor: Myriam Sander)
  • TrackYourHearing: Assessing Variability in Hearing Loss in Everyday Life 
    Ira Kurthen, University of Zurich (Advisor: Martin Meyer)
  • Micro-Longitudinal Real-Life Cognitive Activity Profiles as Outcome Measures in Healthy Aging Research
    Minxia Luo, University of Zurich (Advisors: Mike Martin, Burcu Demiray)
  • Social Network Types Among Children: A Multidimensional Approach
    Jasmine Manalel, University of Michigan (Advisors: Toni Antonucci, Jacqui Smith)
  • Exploring the Relations Between Intentional Self-Regulation, Neighborhood Socioeconomic Status, and Positive Youth Development in Adolescence
    Zita Mayer, University of Zurich (Advisor: Alexandra M. Freund)
  • Surrogate Generation Methods for Testing the Existence of Synchrony Between Multivariate Time Series
    Robert Moulder, University of Virginia (Advisor: Steven Boker)
  • Grass or Gravel: Influences on the Visual Categorization of Naturalistic Structures in Infancy and Early Childhood
    Karola Schlegelmilch, MPI for Human Development(Advisor: Annie Wertz)
  • A Proposed EEG Study on the Effect of Different Levels of Representational Similarity on Memory Performance Across the Lifespan
    Verena R. Sommer, MPI for Human Development (Advisor: Myriam Sander)
  • Young Children Tattle to Enforce Moral Norms
    N. Meltem Yucel, University of Virginia (Advisor: Amrisha Vaish)
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