Spring Academy 2019

University of Michigan

Date: May 28 – May 31, 2019
Location: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Organizers: Toni Antonucci & Jacqui Smith


Gizem Hülür, University of Zurich
Cognitive and psychosocial aging: Emerging potentials and challenges


  • Yvonne Anders, Freie Universität Berlin 
    Potentials of early childhood education in institutions and families
  • Douglas Garrett, MPI for Human Development 
    Constrained moment-to-moment brain signal variability as a principled marker of the ageing brain
  • Hudson Golino, University of Virginia 
    Entropy fit index: A new fit measure for assessing the structure and dimensionality of two multiple latent variables
  • Myriam Thoma, University of Zurich 
    Differential aging trajectories in high-risk individuals with past experiences of early adversity: A project of the Swiss National Research Program (NRP)
  • Jacqueline Mattis, University of Michigan 
    Divesting from a social science of urban misery: Towards a humanistic approach to urban community life
  • Martin Meyer, University of Zurich 
    The relationship between brain aging, hearing loss, speech understanding, cognition and tinnitus
  • Peter Railton, University of Michigan 
    Why is the current wave of artificial intelligence different? — And how does this connect with fundamental questions in ethics and moral psychology?


In alphabetical order by author; Posters follow below.
  • Context and person matter: Building a recommender system for emotion regulation strategies 
    Miranda Beltzer, UVA 
    Co-authors: Mawulolo Ameko, Laura Barnes, & Bethany Teachman
  • All you need is a little motivation: Predictors of health behavior change after discharge from cardiac rehabilitation 
    Walter Bierbauer, UZH 
    Advisor: Urte Scholz
  • A framework for the understanding of long-term health trajectories following early adversity and trauma in individuals of advanced age 
    Carla M. Eising, UZH 
    Advisor: Myriam Thoma
  • Affective forecasting: A selective relationship with working memory for emotion 
    Colleen Frank, UM
  • Associations between violations of the classical ACE model, phenotypic complexity, and SNP heritability 
    Evan J. Giangrande, UVA 
    Co-author: Eric Turkheimer
  • Sense of campus belongingness, academic confidence, and mental health outcomes among African American college students 
    Janelle R. Goodwill, UM
  • Investigating core aspects of the "American dream": Historical changes in how adolescents’ socioeconomic status, IQ, and GPA are related to key life outcomes in adulthood 
    Andrea Hasl, Uni Potsdam 
    Co-authors: Julia Kretschmann, Dirk Richter, Manuel Voelkle, & Martin Brunner
  • Speech perception under effortful listening conditions in older adults 
    Laura Jagoda, UZH
  • The whats and whens of sleep-associated memory consolidation across childhood 
    Ann-Kathrin Joechner, MPIB 
    Advisor: Markus Werkle-Bergner
  • Development of active function learning 
    Angela Jones, MPIB 
    Advisor: Azzurra Ruggeri
  • Exploring the gut-brain axis in infancy 
    Caroline Kelsey, UVA
  • How aging shapes neural representations: fMRI evidence for broader tuning functions in older adults 
    Christoph Koch, MPIB 
    Advisor: Nicolas Schuck
  • Restoration of missing auditory input is related to alpha desynchronization 
    Ira Kurthen, UZH 
    Co-authors: Allison Christen, Oliver Profant, Zbyněk Bureš, Martin Meyer, & Nathalie Giroud
  • Prospective effects of well-being on job loss: The role of anticipation and controllability 
    Mario Lawes, FU
  • Psychological signatures of age and gender in language: Accommodation and real-life outcomes 
    Tabea Meier, UZH
  • Modeling nonlinear human behavior through intermittent forcing: A HAVOK analysis 
    Robert Moulder, UVA
  • Nature and consequences of health sensitivity in daily life 
    Sophie Potter, HU 
    Advisors: Denis Gerstorf & Annette Brose
  • Fairness reexamined 
    Meltem Yucel, UVA


  • Improvisational theater for psychological health 
    Peter Felsman, UM
  • How do children perform in mapping linguistic cues to causal events in Turkish and Swiss-German? 
    Ebru Ger, UZH
  • Physical activity in early and middle adulthood are linked to later-life longitudinal memory trajectories 
    A. Zarina Kraal, UM
    Co-author: Laura B. Zahodne
  • Differential effects of parental monitoring on substance use among American Indian adolescents 
    Jessica Mazen, UVA
  • The salutogenic influence of Sense of Coherence-Revised (SOC-R): Assessing the role of SOC-R in mental health in a representative sample
    Shauna L. Mc Gee, UZH 
    Co-authors: Myriam V. Thoma, Jörg M. Fegert, Heide Glaesmer, Elmar Brähler, & Andreas Maercker
  • Brain structure and hearing acuity in older adults: A surface-based morphometry study 
    Tabea Neuschwander, UZH
  • Auditory discrimination training: Probing the expansion renormalization model of plastic changes in the perceptual domain
    Eleftheria Papadaki, MPIB 
    Co-authors: André Werner, Ziyong Lin, Yana Fandakova, Ulman Lindenberger, & Elisabeth Wenger
  • Longitudinal co-development of well-being and emotional experiences in dyadic partner relationships in old age
    Elisa Weber, UZH
  • Trajectories of environmental instability and the development of disruptive behaviors from late-childhood into adolescence 
    Sean Womack, UVA
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