Laura Jamison

LIFE Virginia

LIFE Fellow from 2022 - 2024, University of Virginia

Dissertation completed in April 2024

Improving Exploratory Graph Analysis and Network Psychometrics: Community Detection Optimization and Metric Invariance for Cross-Sectional and Intensive Longitudinal Data

(advisor: Hudson Golino)

Selected Publications

Matsuzaka, S., Jamison, L., Avery, L. R., Schmidt, K. M., Stanton, A. G., & Debnam, K. (2022). Gendered Racial Microaggressions Scale: Measurement invariance across sexual orientation. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 46(4), 518–530.

Rogoza, R., Crowe, M. L., Jamison, L., Cieciuch, J., & Strus, W. (2022). Support for the three-factor model of narcissism and its personality underpinnings through the lens of the network psychometrics. Psychological Assessment, 34(9), 880–890.

Felix, L. M., Mansur-Alves, M., Teles, M., Jamison, L., & Golino, H. (2021). Longitudinal impact and effects of booster sessions in a cognitive training program for healthy older adults. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 94, Article 104337.

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