Johanna Drewelies

LIFE Berlin

LIFE Fellow from 2013 to 2016, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Dr. rer. nat.

Dissertation completed in November 2016

Developmental Trajectories of Perceived Control Across Adulthood and Old Age: Its Nature, Correlates, and Consequences

(Advisor: Denis Gerstorf)

Selected Publications

Drewelies, J., Eibich, P., Düzel, S., Kühn, S., Krekel, C., Goebel, J., Kolbe, J., Demuth, I., Lindenberger, U., Wagner, G. G., & Gerstorf, D. (2022). Location, location, location: The role of objective neighborhood characteristics for perceptions of control. Gerontology, 68, 214–223.

Drewelies, J., Huxhold, O., & Gerstorf, D. (2019). The role of historical change for adult development and aging: Towards a theoretical framework about the how and the why. Psychology and Aging, 34, 1021–1039.

Drewelies, J., Koffer, R., Ram, N., Almeida, D., & Gerstorf, D. (2019). Control diversity: How across-domain control beliefs are associated with daily negative affect and differ with age. Psychology and Aging, 34(5), 625–639.

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