Lijuan (Peggy) Wang

LIFE Virginia

LIFE Fellow from 2006 to 2008, University of Virginia


Dissertation completed in June 2008

Generalized Mixed Models with Mixture Links for Multivariate Zero-Inflated Count Data

(Advisor: John R. Nesselroade)

Selected Publications

Wang, L., Yang, M., & Liu, X. (2019). The impact of over-simplifying the between-subject covariance structure on inferences of fixed effects in modeling nested data. Structural Equation Modeling, 26(1), 1-11.

Wang, L., & Maxwell, S. E. (2015). On disaggregating between-person and within-person effects with longitudinal data using multilevel models. Psychological Methods, 20(1), 63-83.

Wang, L., Hamaker, E., & Bergeman, C. (2012). Investigating inter-individual differences in short-term intra-individual variability. Psychological Methods, 17, 567–581.

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