Jesse Pappas

LIFE Virginia

LIFE Fellow from 2008 to 2012, University of Virginia


Dissertation completed in May 2012

Multisource Personality Feedback: Professional Feedback Tools Adapted to Facilitate Personal Self-Insight and Development

(Advisor: Gerald Clore)

Selected Publications

Pappas, J., & Pappas, E. (2015). The sustainable personality: Values and behaviors in individual sustainability. International Journal of Higher Education, 4, 12–21.

Sinclair, S., Pappas, J., & Lun, J. (2009). The interpersonal basis of stereotype-relevant self-views. Journal of Personality, 77, 1343–1364.

Clore, G. L., & Pappas, J. (2007). The affective regulation of social interaction. Social Psychology Quarterly, 70, 333–339.

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