Jonathan D. Lane

LIFE Michigan

LIFE Fellow from 2008 to 2011, University of Michigan


Dissertation completed in August 2011

Children's Developing Concepts of Ordinary and Extraordinary Minds: The Roles of Intuitive Theories and Cultural Input

(Advisors: Henry M. Wellman & E. Margaret Evans)

Selected Publications

Lane, J. D., Conder, E. B., & Rottman, J. (2020). The influence of direct and overheard messages on children’s attitudes toward novel social groups. Child Development, 91, 829–845.

Lane, J. D. (2018). Children’s belief in counterintuitive and counter-perceptual messages. Child Development Perspectives, 12, 247–252.

Lane, J. D., Ronfard, S., & El-Sherif, D. (2018). The influence of first-hand testimony and hearsay on children’s belief in the improbable. Child Development, 89, 1133–1140.

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