Yee Lee Shing

LIFE Berlin

LIFE Fellow from 2004 to 2007, MPI for Human Development, Berlin

Dr. rer. nat.

Dissertation completed in January 2008

Dynamics of Episodic Memory: Interaction Between Associative and Strategic Components

(Advisors: Shu-Chen Li & Ulman Lindenberger)

Selected Publications

Brod, G., & Shing, Y. L. (2019). A boon and a bane: Comparing the effects of prior knowledge on memory across the lifespan. Developmental Psychology, 55, 1326–1337.

Raffington, L., Czamara, D., Mohn, J. J., Falck, J., Schmoll, V., Heim, C., Binder, E., & Shing, Y. L. (2019). Stable longitudinal associations of family income with children’s hippocampal volume and memory persist after controlling for polygenic scores of educational attainment. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 40, Article 100720.

Fandakova, Y., Sander, M. C., Grandy, T. H., Werkle-Bergner, M., & Shing, Y. L. (2018). Age differences in false memory: The importance of retrieval monitoring processes and their modulation by memory quality. Psychology and Aging, 33, 119–133.

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