Sean Duffy

LIFE Michigan

LIFE Fellow from 2003 to 2005, University of Michigan


Postdoctoral project in LIFE

Culture and Friendship

(Advisor: Shinobu Kitayama)

Selected Publications

Duffy, S., & Smith, J. (2020) On the category adjustment model: Another look at Huttenlocher, Hedges, and Vevea (2000). Mind and Society, 19, 163–193.

Latu, I. M., Duffy, S., Pardal, V., & Alger M. (2017). Power vs. persuasion: Can open body postures embody openness to persuasion? Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology, 2(1), 68–80.

Duffy, S., & Smith, J. (2014). Cognitive load in the multiple player prisoner’s dilemma game: Are there brains in games? Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 51, 47–56.

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