Sierra Eisen

LIFE Virginia

Fellow from 2016 to 2020, University of Virginia


Dissertation completed in April 2020 

The Role of Play and Adult Guidance in Children’s Spatial Development

(Advisors: Angeline Lillard & Jamie Jirout)

Selected Publications

Eisen, S., & Lillard, A. S. (2020). Learning from apps and objects: The human touch. Mind, Brain, and Education, 14(1), 16–23.

Eisen, S., & Lillard, A. S. (2017). Young children’s thinking about touchscreens versus other media in the US. Journal of Children and Media, 11(2), 167–179.

Eisen, S. L., & Lillard, A. S. (2016). Just Google it: Young children’s preferences for touchscreen versus books in a hypothetical learning task. Frontiers in Psychology, 7, Article 1431.

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