Jessica C. Weiner (née Bühler)

LIFE Zurich

LIFE Fellow from 2013 to 2017, University of Zurich

Dr. phil.

Dissertation completed in September 2017

Neural Mechanisms of Linguistic Mismatch in Adults and Children Based on Dialect Familiarity and the Impact of Speaking Swiss German Dialect on Early Reading and Spelling Acquisition

(Advisor: Urs Maurer)

Selected Publications

Troesch, L. M., Weiner-Bühler, J. C., & Grob, A. (2023). Longitudinal examination of potential bilingual advantage effects for selective attention and cognitive functioning in young children. Language Learning and Development. Advance online publication.

Bühler, J. C., von Oertzen, T., McBride, C. A., Stoll S., & Maurer, U. (2018). Influence of dialect use on early reading and spelling acquisition in German-speaking children in Grade 1. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 30, 336–360.

Bühler, J. C., Waßmann, F., Buser, D., Zumberi, F., & Maurer, U. (2017). Neural processes associated with vocabulary and vowel-length differences in a dialect: an ERP study in pre-literate children. Brain Topography, 30, 610–628.

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