Nilàm Ram

LIFE Virginia

LIFE Fellow from 2004 to 2006, University of Virginia


Dissertation completed in June 2006

Emphasizing Individuality in Developmental Models of Change

(Advisor: John R. Nesselroade)

Recipient of first LIFE Outstanding Alumni Award 2012

Selected Publications

Reeves, B., Robinson, T., & Ram, N. (2020). Time for the Human Screenome Project. Nature, 577(7790), 314–317.

Gerstorf, D., Hülür, G., Drewelies, J., Willis, S. L., Schaie, K. W., & Ram, N. (2020). Adult development and aging in historical context. American Psychologist, 75(4), 525–539.

Gatzke-Kopp, L. M., & Ram, N. (2018). Developmental dynamics of autonomic function in childhood. Psychophysiology, 55, Article e13218.

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