Sophie Potter

LIFE Berlin

LIFE Fellow from 2018 to 2021, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Dr. rer. nat.

Dissertation completed in December 2021:

Associations Between Physical Health and Subjective Well-Being Across Adulthood and old Age: Their Nature, Correlates, and Consequences Across Multiple Timescales

(Advisor: Denis Gerstorf)

Selected Publications

Potter, S., Gerstorf, D., Schmiedek, F., Drewelies, J., Wolff, J., & Brose, A. (2022). Health sensitivity in the daily lives of younger and older adults: Correlates and longer-term change in health. Aging & Mental Health, 26(6), 1261–1269.

Potter, S., Röcke, C., Gerstorf, D., Brose, A., Kolodziejczak, K., Hoppmann, C., Ram, N., & Drewelies, J. (2022). Partner pain and affect in the daily lives of older couples. Journals of Gerontology: Series B, 77(7), 1197–1209.

Potter, S., Drewelies, J., Wagner, J., Düzel, S., Brose, A., Demuth, I., Steinhagen-Thiessen, E., Lindenberger, U., Wagner, G. G., & Gerstorf, D. (2020). Trajectories of multiple subjective well-being facets across old age: The role of health and personality. Psychology and Aging, 35(6), 894–909.

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