Todd Chan

LIFE Michigan

LIFE Fellow from 2018 to 2020, University of Michigan


Dissertation completed in 2020

Modesty or Secrecy? The Costs of Being Modest in Close Relationships Full text

(Advisor: Oscar Ybarra)

Selected Publications

Chan, T., Reese, Z. A., & Ybarra, O. (2021). Better to brag: Underestimating the risks of avoiding positive self‐disclosures in close relationships. Journal of Personality, 89(5), 1044–1061.

Chan, T., Wang, I. M., & Ybarra, O. (2021). Leading and managing the workplace: The role of executive functions. Academy of Management Perspectives, 35(1), 142–164.

Chan, T., Michalak, N. M., & Ybarra, O. (2019). When God is your only friend: Religious beliefs compensate for purpose in life in the socially disconnected. Journal of Personality, 87, 455–471.

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