Nicole H. Hess

LIFE Berlin

LIFE Fellow from 2002 to 2005, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Dissertation completed in January 2006

Informational Warfare: Female Friendship and the Coalitional Manipulation of Reputation

(Advisors: Peter Hammerstein, Donald Symons, John Tooby, & Leda Cosmides)

Selected Publications

Hess, N. H. (2019). From the Orinoco to Sorority Row: Searching for a field site as an evolutionary anthropologist. In B. L. Hewlett (Ed.), The secret lives of anthropologists: Lessons from the field (pp. 55–72). Routledge.

Hess, N. H., & Hagen, E. H. (2019). Gossip, reputation, and friendship in in-group competition: An evolutionary perspective. In F. Giardini & R. Wittek (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of gossip and reputation (pp. 275–302). Oxford University Press.

Hess, N. H. (2017). Informational warfare: Coalitional gossiping as a strategy for within-group aggression. In M. Fisher (Ed.), The Oxford handbook of women and competition (pp. 223–246). Oxford University Press. 

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