Nicolas W. Schuck

LIFE Berlin

LIFE Alumnus & Faculty

MPI for Human Development, Berlin

Cognitive Neuroscience

LIFE Fellow from 2010 to 2013, MPI for Human Development & Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Dr. rer. nat.

Dissertation completed in June 2013

Aging and Functional Reorganization of Striatum and Medial-Temporal Lobe Dependent Memory Systems

(Advisors: Peter A. Frensch & Shu-Chen Li)

Selected Publications

Schuck, N. W., & Niv, Y. (2019). Sequential replay of nonspatial task states in the human hippocampus. Science, 364(6447), Article eaaw5181.

Schuck, N. W., Doeller, C., Polk, T. A., Lindenberger, U., & Li, S.-C. (2015). Human aging alters the neural computation and representation of space. NeuroImage, 117, 141–150.

Schuck, N. W., Gaschler, R., & Frensch, P. A. (2012). Implicit learning of what comes when and where within a sequence: The time-course of acquiring serial position–item and item–item associations to represent serial order. Advances in Cognitive Psychology, 8, 83–97.

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