Anja Schultze-Krumbholz

LIFE Berlin

External LIFE Fellow from 2009 to 2013, Technische Universität Berlin

Dr. phil.

Dissertation completed in April 2014

Cyberbullying – Risiko- und Schutzfaktoren, Folgen und Prävention [Cyberbullying: Risk and Protective Factors, Consequences, and Prevention]

Advisor: Herbert Scheithauer

Selected Publications

Schultze-Krumbholz, A., Ittel, A., & Scheithauer, H. (2020), The association between in-class cultural diversity with empathy and bullying in adolescence: A multilevel mediation analysis. International Journal of Psychology, 55, 769-778.

Schultze-Krumbholz, A., Schultze, M., Zagorscak, P., Wölfer, R., & Scheithauer, H. (2016). Feeling cybervictims' pain: The effect of empathy training on cyberbullying. Aggressive Behavior, 42, 147–156.

Schultze-Krumbholz, A., & Scheithauer, H. (2013). Is cyberbullying related to lack of empathy and social-emotional problems? International Journal of Developmental Science, 7, 161–166.

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