Jessica A. Bernard

LIFE Michigan

LIFE Fellow from 2008 to 2012, University of Michigan


Dissertation completed in July 2012

The Aging Cerebellum: Cortico-Cerebellar Connectivity, Volume, and the Impact on Behavior

(Advisor: Rachael D. Seidler)

Recipient of LIFE Outstanding Alumni Award 2020

Selected Publications

Bernard, J. A., Nguyen, A., Hausman, H. K., Goen, J. R. M., Maldonado, T., Ballard, H. K., Jackson, T. B., Eakin, S. M., & Lokshina, Y. (2020). Shaky scaffolding: Age differences in cerebellar activation revealed through activation likelihood estimation meta-analysis. Human Brain Mapping, 41(18), 5255–5281.

Maldonado, T., Orr, J. M., Goen, J. R. M., & Bernard, J. A. (2020). Age differences in the subcomponents of executive functioning. Journals of Gerontology: Series B, 75(6), e31–e55.

Bernard, J. A., Orr, J. M., & Mittal, V. A. (2016). Differential motor and prefrontal cerebello-cortical network development: Evidence from multimodal neuroimaging. NeuroImage, 124A, 591–601.

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