Joshua Carp

LIFE Berlin

LIFE Fellow from 2010 to 2014, University of Michigan


Dissertation completed in May 2014

Causes and Consequences of Dedifferentiation in the Aging Brain

(Advisor: Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz)

Selected Publications

Carp, J. (2012). On the plurality of (methodological) worlds: Estimating the analytic flexibility of fMRI experiments. Frontiers in Brain Imaging Methods, 6, Article 149.

Carp, J. (2012). The secret lives of experiments: Methods reporting in the fMRI literature. NeuroImage, 63, 289–300.

Carp, J., Fitzgerald, K. D., Taylor, S. F., & Weissman, D. H. (2012). Removing the effect of response time on brain activity reveals developmental differences in conflict processing in the posterior medial prefrontal cortex. NeuroImage, 59, 853–860.

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