Pablo A. Nepomnaschy

LIFE Michigan

LIFE Fellow from 2003 to 2005, University of Michigan


Dissertation completed in March 2005

Stress and Female Reproduction in a Rural Mayan Population

(Advisors: Bobbi S. Low & Beverly Strassman)

Selected Publications

Nepomnaschy, P. A., Lee, T. C. K., Zeng L., & Dean, C. B. (2012).  Who is stressed? Comparing cortisol levels between individuals. American Journal of Human Biology, 24, 515–525.

Nepomnaschy, P. A., Altman, R. M., Watterson, R., Co, C., McConnell, D. S., & England, B. G. (2011). Is cortisol excretion independent of menstrual cycle day? A longitudinal evaluation of first morning urinary specimens. PLoS ONE, 6(3), Article e18242.

Nepomnaschy, P. A., & Flinn, M. V. (2009). Early life influences on the ontogeny of neuroendocrine stress response in the human child. In P. B. Gray & P. T. Ellison (Eds.), Endocrinology of social relationships (pp. 364–382). Harvard University Press.

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