Erin E. Horn

LIFE Virginia

LIFE Fellow from 2012 to 2016, University of Virginia


Dissertation defended in April 2017

What Money Can (and Can’t) Buy: A Behavior Genetic Analysis of the Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Socioeconomic Advantage in Modern America

(Advisors: Eric Turkheimer & Robert E. Emery)

Selected Publications

Horn, E. E., Turkheimer, E., Strachan, E., & Duncan, G. E. (2015). Behavioral and environmental modification of the genetic influence on body mass index: A twin study. Behavioral Genetics, 45(4), 409–426.

Turkheimer, E., Pettersson, E., & Horn, E. E. (2014). A phenotypic null hypothesis for the genetics of personality. Annual Review of Psychology, 65, 515–540.

Horn, E. E., Xu, Y., Beam, C. R., Turkheimer, E., & Emery, R. E. (2013). Accounting for the physical and mental health benefits of entry into marriage: A genetically informed study of selection and causation. Journal of Family Psychology, 27, 30–41.

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