Vanessa LoBue

LIFE Virginia

LIFE Fellow from 2004 to 2007, University of Virginia


Dissertation completed in April 2007

Detection of Threat in Infants and Young Children

(Advisor: Judy DeLoache)

Selected Publications

Hoemann*, K., Wu*, R., LoBue*, V., Oakes*, L. M., Xu*, F., & Feldman Barrett*, L. (2020). Developing an understanding of emotion categories: Lessons from objects. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 24(1), 39–51. (* joint first authors)

Burris, J. L., Oleas, D., Reider, L., Buss, K. A., Pérez-Edgar, K., & LoBue, V. (2019). Biased attention to threat: Answering old questions with young infants. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 28(6), 534–539.

LoBue, V. & Adolph, K. E. (2019). Fear in infancy: Lessons from snakes, spiders, heights, and strangers. Developmental Psychology, 55(9), 1889-1907.

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