Esmee Aalders

LIFE Zurich

LIFE fellow since 2024, University of Zurich

Hello, I'm Esmee, and I've recently started my Ph.D. journey with Moritz Daum's team at the University of Zurich. My research focuses on understanding the intricacies of communicative behavior development in both bilingual and monolingual children. Specifically, I'm interested  by how children tailor their speech to different listeners and how this is affected by language status.
Originally from the Netherlands, I spent most time in Amsterdam, where I obtained master's degrees in Pedagogical Sciences and Criminology. My professional path has led me to roles as a behavioral scientist in child protection services and as a researcher in the Dutch Ministry of Defense. However, I'm very excited to return to academia and delve into the field of scientific research. Beyond academia, I spend my time painting or  in the outdoors, exploring new sports and activities.

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