Eileen Rüegg

LIFE Zurich

LIFE Fellow since 2024, University of Zurich

I am a PhD student at the chair for Developmental Psychology: Metacognitive Development during Childhood and Adolescence at the University of Zurich (supervisor: Mariëtte van Loon). Our research focuses on understanding both normative and at-risk metacognitive development. We are conducting a longitudinal study over three years to identify short- and long-term changes in metacognitive abilities and their interaction with other variables. I am specifically interested in investigating individual differences in metacognition, with the aim of uncovering the relationship between monitoring accuracy, metacognitive control, and various variables such as working memory and motivation. I obtained both my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology from the University of Bern. For my Master's thesis, I investigated the relationship between cognitive inhibition and psychometric intelligence, controlling for the effect of speed using a fixed-links confirmatory factor analysis.

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