Kristi Chin

LIFE Michigan

LIFE Fellow from 2019 to 2022, University of Michigan


Dissertation completed in June 2022

Relationships Are More Than Skin Deep: Associations Between Testosterone, Relationship Quality, and Prosocial Behavior

(Advisor: Robin Edelstein)

Selected Publications

Chin, K., Reese, Z. A., Sim, L., Ascigil, E., & Edelstein, R. S. (2021). Closeness-inducing discussions with a romantic partner increase cortisol and testosterone. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 132, Article 105357.

Gusakova, S., Chin, K., Ascigil, E., Conley, T. D., Chakravarty, D., Neilands, T. B., Hoff, C. C., & Darbes, L. A. (2021). Communication patterns among male couples with open and monogamous agreements. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 50, 1419–1431.

Chin, K., Chopik, W. J., Wardecker, B. M., LaBelle, O. P., Moors, A. C., & Edelstein, R. S. (2020). Longitudinal associations between prenatal testosterone and postpartum outcomes in a sample of first-time expectant lesbian couples. Hormones and Behavior, 125, Article 104810.

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