Maria M. Arredondo

LIFE Michigan

LIFE Fellow from 2014 to 2017, University of Michigan


Dissertation completed in March 2017

A Bilingual Advantage? The Functional Organization of Linguistic Competition and Attentional Networks in the Developing Bilingual Brain

(Advisors: Ioulia Kovelman, Susan Gelman)

Selected Publications

Arredondo, M. M., Hu, X., Seifert, E., Satterfield, T., & Kovelman, I. (2020). Bilingual exposure enhances left IFG specialization for language in children. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 22(4), 783–801.

Arredondo, M. M., Hu, X.-S., Satterfield, T., & Kovelman, I. (2017). Bilingualism alters children's frontal lobe functioning for attentional control. Developmental Science, 20(3), Article e12377.

Arredondo, M. M., Rosado, M., & Satterfield, T. (2016). Understanding the impact of heritage language on ethnic identity formation and literacy for U.S. Latino children. Journal of Cognition and Culture, 16, 245–266.

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