Steven Othello Roberts

LIFE Michigan

LIFE Fellow from 2014 to 2016, University of Michigan


Dissertation completed in May 2016

So It Is, so It Shall Be: Group Regularities License Prescriptive Judgments

(Advisor: Susan Gelman)

Selected Publications

Roberts, S. O., & Rizzo, M. T. (2021). The psychology of American racism. American Psychologist, 76(3), 475-487.

Roberts, S. O., Bareket-Shavit, C., Dollins, F. A., Goldie, P. D., & Mortenson, E. (2020). Racial inequality in psychological research: Trends of the past and recommendations for the future. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 15(6), 1295–1309.

Roberts, S. O., Gelman, S. A., & Ho, A. K. (2017). So it is, so it shall be: Group regularities license children's prescriptive judgments. Cognitive Science, 41, 576–600.

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