Summer Seminar 2021

Fellows' Project Presentations

LIFE fellows will discuss their project with their co-fellows in more depth than is usually possible at the academies. They will discuss burning questions of their projects with LIFE alumni co-chairing the sessions.

The sessions will take place on Thursdays, 16:00 – 17:30 hrs on Webex.


April 15, 2021: Elisa Buchberger

Development of memory generalization and specificity in children aged 4–8


April 22, 2021: Laura Buchinger

We are, what we want in life? Investigating the link between life goals and personality in a logitudinal sample


April 29, 2021: Jannik Orzek

Regularized continuous time network models


May 6, 2021: Maike Hille

Training-induced brain changes during motor skill learning in humans and mice


May 20, 2021: Alexander Skowron

Variability in mental computations underlying decision-making and its relevance for ageing


June 3, 2021: Michael Geers

Mechanisms underlying the sharing of (false) news on social media


June 10, 2021: Sonja Sudimac

Where to go for a walk? Neural, physiological and behavioural correlates of a one-hour walk in nature vs. urban environment


June 17, 2021: Sarah Polk

An investigation of aerobic exercise for the promotion of healthy aging


June 24, 2021: Nour Tawil

Architecture of the home environment: Exploring affective, cognitive and behavioral responses to the spatial experience.


July 1, 2021: Claire Pauley

Age differences in memory representations


July 8, 2021: Sina Schwarze

Training induced plasticity of brain networks underlying task switching in children.


July 15, 2021: Michael Krämer

The transition to grandparenthood and its impact on the Big Five personality traits and cognitive well-being




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