The LIFE fellows in Berlin participate in a program of weekly LIFE seminars. Topics vary from semester to semester, and are selected to broadly cover research and theory in evolutionary biology, neuroscience, psychology, education, sociology, and economics of the life course. The seminars are held at MPIB and are taught by Berlin faculty throughout the academic year. They also include invited lectures by external scholars.

Research Designs in Developmental Research [more]
Fellows’ Project Presentations [more]
Methods in Research on Human Development [more]
LIFE Theory Lab 2022 [more]
Decision-making [more]
Fellows' Project Presentations [more]
Education across the Lifespan [more]
LIFE Theory Lab 2020 [more]
Practical Seminar on Bayesian Statistics [more]
Methods in Research on Human Development [more]
Fellows' Project Presentations [more]
LIFE Introductory Workshop [more]
Evolutionary Approaches to Human Development [more]
Learning, Memory, and Forgetting from a Lifespan Perspective [more]
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