October 14, 2022



9.30 – 10.20

Introduction of Speaker: Blake Ebright, UM

Lecture 2: Individual Difference in the Brain and Cognitive Aging: The Role of Vascular and Metabolic Risk Factors

Naftali Raz, MPI for Human Development & Stony Brook University

Discussion Opening from LIFE Perspective: Kai Cortina, UM


10.20 – 11.00

Dissertation Research Talk


Does Social Sampling Differ Between Online and Offline Contacts?

Marlene Hecht, MPIB

(Advisor: Christin Schulze)

Discussion Moderator: Alexandra M. Freund, UZH


11.00 – 11.15

Coffee Break


11.15 – 12.15
Ruska Rm.

LIFE Alumni Award Committee


11.15 – 12.15

Fellows’ Collaborative Project Planning


12.15 – 12.45

Short Presentations of Fellows’ Collaborative Project Planning


12.50 – 13.45




13.45 – 14.35


Introduction of Speaker: Christine Dworschak, UZH

Lecture 3: Products of Variables in Structural Equation Models

Steven M. Boker, UVA

Discussion Opening from LIFE Perspective: Naftali Raz, MPIB


14.35 – 16.00

Dissertation Research Poster Presentations and Discussion

Chair: Moritz Daum



Intergenerational Transfer Effects on Corticolimbic Gray Matter Volume of Mother–Child Dyads

Plamina Dimanova, UZH

(Advisor: Nora Raschle)



The Facilitative Role of Visual Speech Cues for Speech in Noise Perception – How Is Audio-Visual Speech Processed in Older Hearing-Impaired Individuals?

Vanessa Frei, UZH

(Advisor: Nathalie Giroud)



How Spousal Bereavement Shapes Life Satisfaction:
Stability and Change Across Historical Time

Urmimala Ghose, HU/DIW

(Advisors: Denis Gerstorf, David Richter)



Conspicuous Experiences as Unique Social Signals of Both Status and Warmth

Wilson Merrell, UM

(Advisor: Josh Ackermann)



The Impact of Age-Related Hearing Loss on Cortical Lip-Contour Tracking

Raffael Schmitt, UZH

(Advisor: Nathalie Giroud)


16.00 – 16.40

Dissertation Research Talk


Partners now Parents: Exploring the Psychosocial and Epigenetic Changes Over the Course of the Transition to Parenthood for First-Time Parents

Shannon Savell, UVA

(Advisors: Melvin Wilson, Jessica Connelly)

Discussion Moderator: Toni Antonucci, UM


16.40 – 17.10

Individual Meetings & Coffee Break


17.10 – 17.50

Dissertation Research Talk


A Longitudinal Study on the Association Between Life Goals and the Big Five Traits

Laura Buchinger, DIW

(Advisor: Gert G. Wagner)

Discussion Moderator: Jacqui Smith, UM


18.00 – 19.15

Dinner, Harnack House


19.15 – 19.30

Impulse Lecture

Rui Mata, Universität Basel, & Andreas Wilke, Clarkson University

(Alumni of the First LIFE Cohort)


19.30 – 20.30

Career Development

Discussion With Alumni of the First LIFE Cohort


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