October 16, 2022


9.30 – 10.20

Introduction of Speaker: Maike Hille, MPIB

Guest Lecture:

Reproducible Research in R: A Talk on How to Do the Same Thing More Than Once

Aaron Peikert, MPIB

Discussion Opening from LIFE Perspective: Charles Driver


10.20 – 11.30

Round Tables on Methods

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11.30 – 12.20

Introduction of Speaker: Muna Aikins, MPIB

Lecture 7: The Psychological Correlates of Hormonal Contraceptive Use: General Trends and Individual Differences from Puberty to Menopause

Adriene Beltz, UM

Discussion Opening from LIFE Perspective: Ulman Lindenberger


12.20 – 13.15



 13.15 – 14.35

Dissertation Research Talks

  • 13.15 – 13.55

Should Hanpei Refuse the Gift? Intercultural Children's Reactions to Norm Decisions and Violations

Natascha Helbling, UZH

(Advisor: Moritz Daum)

Discussion Moderator: Adriene Beltz


  • 13.55 – 14.35

Development of Critical Thinking: Does College Really Matter?

Blake Ebright, UM

(Advisor: Kai Cortina)

Discussion Moderator: Laurel Raffington


14.35 – 15.10


Individual Meetings & Coffee Break


15.10 – 16.00


Introduction of Speaker: Claire Pauley, MPIB

Lecture 8Can a Metaphor Be Racist? The Concept of Classroom Climate and its Common Operationalization Seen Through a Critical Lens

Kai Cortina, UM

Discussion Opening from LIFE Perspective: Sebastian Horn


16.00 – 16.10

Closing Remarks

Ulman Lindenberger, MPIB


16.10 – 17.00

Fellows’ Closed Session




Optional Dinner, Harnack House


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