October 15, 2022


9.30 – 10.20

Introduction of Speaker: Warsha Barde

Lecture 4: The Bucket List Effect

Alexandra M. Freund, UZH

Discussion Opening from LIFE Perspective: Adriene Beltz, UM


10.20 – 11.50

Dissertation Research Poster Presentations and Discussion

Chair: Naftali Raz


Cortical and Subcortical Processing of Speech in the Brain at Risk for Dementia

Elena Bolt, UZH

(Advisor: Nathalie Giroud)



Select and Succeed: Adult Age-Differences in Value-Based Remembering of Gain-and Loss-Related Information

Jasmin Brummer, UZH

(Advisors: Sebastian S. Horn, Alexandra M. Freund)



Increased Stress Reactivity Threshold in Victims of Bullying

Jens Heumann, UZH

(Advisor: Michael J. Shanahan)



Training-Induced Plasticity of Frontoparietal Activation and Connectivity During Task Switching in Children

Sina Schwarze, MPIB

(Advisor: Ulman Lindenberger)



Working Memory Re-Exposure Improves Episodic Memory in Older and Younger Adults

Kathy Xie, UM

(Advisor: Patricia Reuter-Lorenz)


11.50 – 12.30

Dissertation Research Talk


Social Dynamics and Momentary Affect: Combining Experience Sampling and Mobile Sensing Data

Michael Krämer, DIW

(Advisor: David Richter)

Discussion Moderator: Kaspar Burger, UZH


12.30 – 13.15



13.15 – 14.35

Dissertation Research Talks

  • 13.15 – 13.55

Loneliness as a Relevant Clinical Phenomenon:
Development and Evaluation of an Internet-Based CBT Intervention for the Treatment of Loneliness in Older Individuals

Christine Dworschak, UZH

(Advisor: Andreas Maercker)

Discussion Moderator: Annette Brose, FU

  • 13.55 – 14.35

Memory Development in Childhood

Elisa Buchberger, MPIB

(Advisor: Markus Werkle-Bergner, Ulman Lindenberger)

Discussion Moderator: Moritz Daum, UZH


14.35 – 15.00


Individual Meetings & Coffee Break


15.00 – 15.50

Introduction of Speaker: Isabelle Moore

Lecture 5: Linking Theory and Statistical Models of Processes in Time

Charles C. Driver, UZH

Discussion Opening from LIFE Perspective: Steven M. Boker, UVA


Walk to the MPI for Human Development



Tour of the Max Planck Dahlem Campus of Cognition (MPDCC)



Departure for Alumni & Fellows' Evening

Akkawy, Kopernikusstr. 8, U/S Warschauer Str.


Steering Committee Meeting

Cafeteria, MPI for Human Development

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