LIFE Seminar: Summer Semester 2011

Fellows' Project Presentations

Chairs: LIFE Alumni
Agnieszka Zofia Burzynska, Max Planck Institute for Human Development (MPIB)
Robert Gaschler, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU)
Christina K. Limbird, Berlin-Brandenburg International School
Ana Sofia Morais, MPIB

Presentation of findings, open questions, methodological issues and discussion with co-fellows and alumni

Chairs: Aga Burzynska & Sofia Morais
Maike Kleemeyer: Effects of physical activity on cognitive performance across the lifespan
Goran Papenberg: Lifespan differences in EEG broadband noise

Chair: Robert Gaschler
Anita Kottwitz: Does residence matter? Regional variation in obstetric care and mode of delivery
Kathrin Klipker: Problems in assessing affective variability

Chair: Aga Burzynska
Julia Freund: Interactions between adult hippocampal neurogenesis and environment: Effects of enrichment and exercise in mice
Nicolas Schuck: Learning-driven task-set reconfiguration

Chairs: Aga Burzynska & Sofia Morais
Johanna Sänger: Investigating the brain basis of interpersonal action coordination using the example of guitar ensembles: The project’s status quo, first insights, and many open questions
Elisabeth Wenger: Gray matter timing: Functional relevance and temporal dynamics of structural brain changes

Chairs: Sofia Morais & Axinja Hachfeld, MPIB
Anne Reitz: Self-efficacy and ethnic identity mediate family effects on acculturation: A longitudinal mediational model
Bettina Sonnenberg: Trivial pursuit or checkmate? How labor market integration affects peoples’ social and cultural participation in Germany

Chair: Aga Burzynska
Milena Koring: Volitional strategies in the promotion of physical activity and dietary behavior: Evaluation of a computer-tailored intervention delivered by a health insurance company
Tanja Gerlach: Forgiveness in close interpersonal relationships: A negotiation approach

Chairs: Robert Gaschler & Tina Limbird
Roos Hutteman: The interplay of personality, social relationships, and demographic transitions between childhood and early adulthood: How to deal with longitudinal data from different data sources
Michael Dufner: Consistency of self-rated motive dispositions and behavior: Assessment of processes, moderators and developmental dynamics

Chairs: Tina Limbird & Sofia Morais
Eeva Elliott: Defining language: What can be learned from the structure of signed languages?
Stefan Schipolowski: Differentiation of cognitive abilities: Age group comparisons for crystallized intelligence and reasoning

Chairs: Robert Gaschler & Tina Limbird
Fidan Gasimova: Random effects model for longitudinal data
Nicole Haag: How does the percentage of missing values in background variables influence the consistency of trait parameter estimates?

Chairs: Robert Gaschler & Aga Burzynska
Cathleen Bache: Action prediction in 10-month-old infants
Practical PhD Issues and Final Discussion

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