LIFE Seminar: Summer 2015

Education across the lifespan

Organizer: Dirk Richter, IQB
Instructors: Petra Stanat, Hans Anand Pant, & guests
Participants: LIFE fellows

Hans Anand Pant, Dirk Richter, IQB

Early childhood education
Yvonne Anders, FU

Education in elementary schools
Sascha Schroeder, MPIB

Neighborhood, cognitive development and educational attainment
Jürgen Baumert, MPIB

Transitions into secondary school
Cornelia Gresch, WZB

Teachers' professional competence
Dirk Richter, IQB

Educational systems/Educational governance
Herbert Altrichter, Universität Linz

Development of students in secondary schools
Michael Becker, DIPF

Teaching and learning in higher education
Holger Horz, Universität Frankfurt

Educational achievement of youth with immigrant background in secondary schools
Petra Stanat, IQB

Petra Stanat, Hans Anand Pant, IQB

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