LIFE Seminar: Winter Semester 2008/09

The ACT-R Cognitive Architecture: How the Mind's "Gears Clank and How the Pistons Go"

Instructor: Lael Schooler, MPI for Human Development (MPIB)
Guests: Shu-Chen Li, Yee Lee Shing, MPIB

You can't play 20 questions with nature and win
Lael Schooler

  • Newell, A. (1973). You can't play 20 questions with nature and win. In W. G. Chase (Ed.), Visual information processing (pp. 283–308). New York: Academic Press.

Cognitive architecture
Lael Schooler

Plasticity and experiential tuning of lifespan cognitive development
Shu-Chen Li

The modular organization of the mind
Lael Schooler

Human associative memory
Lael Schooler

Memory changes across the lifespan
Yee Lee Shing

The adaptive control of thought
Lael Schooler

What does it take to be human? Lessons from high school algebra
Lael Schooler

How can the human mind occur?
Lael Schooler

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