LIFE Seminar: Winter Semester 2009/10

Transatlantic Workshop: Dynamical Systems Analysis

Instructor: Steven Boker, University of Virginia (UVa)

Introduction to Dynamical Systems

Dynamical Systems: Applications in Psychology

Dynamic Factor Analysis
Guest Lecture by John Nesselroade, UVa

Simulations of Point Attractors and Saddle Attractors

Simulations of Limit Cycles and Strange Attractors

Vector Fields, Phase Space Plots, Recurrence Diagrams, Autocorrelation

Windowed Cross Correlation
Surrogate Data Tests

State Space Embedding
Local Linear Approximation (LLA)

Multilevel LLA Models
Coupled Oscillators Using LLA

Latent Differential Equations (LDE)
LDE Factor Models

LDE Coupled Oscillator Models

Fractal Dimensions

Mutual Information, Mutual Dependency
False Nearest Neighbors

Project Presentations

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