LIFE Seminar: Winter Semester 2012/13

Health Psychology Across the Lifespan

Organizer: Ralf Schwarzer, FU
Instructors: Ralf Schwarzer, LIFE faculty, & guests
Participants: LIFE fellows

Health Behavior Change
Ralf Schwarzer, FU

Health Behavior and Mental Health Across the Lifespan
Jutta Mata, MPIB

Dyadic Planning and Its Mechanisms
Silke Burkert, Charité Berlin

Risk Perception: A Neuroscientific Perspective
Harald Schupp, University of Konstanz

Physical Activity in Older Adults: The FLARE Project
Paul Gellert, Newcastle University

Habit Formation / Objective Health Measures
Amelie Wiedemann, FU

The PREFER Project on Older Adults in Collaboration with the DZA
Lisa Warner & Ralf Schwarzer, FU

Analysis of Multimethod Data
Michael Eid, FU

Social Exchange Processes and Health Behavior Change
Urte Scholz, University of Konstanz

Multimodal Food Perception in Humans
Kathrin Ohla, German Institute of Human Nutrition, Potsdam

Genetic Testing
Ralf Schwarzer, FU

Development and evaluation of complex behaviour change interventions
Falko Sniehotta, Newcastle University

Feedback session with Ulman Lindenberger
MPI for Human Development, Rm. 299

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