LIFE Seminar: Summer 2017

Learning, Memory, and Forgetting from a Lifespan Perspective

Introduction: Learning and Memory
Markus Werkle-Bergner, MPIB
April 28, 10–12 h

Disorders of Learning and Memory: Amnesias, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia
Friedel Reischies, Friedrich von Bodelschwingh-Klinik Berlin
May 5, 11–13 h

Learning, Memory, and Decision Making: From Perception to Valuation
Hauke Heekeren, Freie Universität Berlin
May 11, 16–18 h

Memory and Sleep
Jan Born, University of Tübingen
May 18, 16–18 h

Learning and Competencies
Florian Schmiedek, DIPF
June 2, 10–12 h

Retrieval and Forgetting
Roland Benoit, MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
June 8, 16–18 h

Memory and Knowledge
Garvin Brod, DIPF
June 15, 16–18 h

Emotions and Memory
Lars Schwabe, University of Hamburg
June 22, 16–18 h 

Camilla Rjosk, IQB
June 29, 16–18 h

Learning and Memory from an Evolutionary Psychology Perspective
Annie Wertz, MPIB
July 6, 16–18 h

Feedback Session
Ulman Lindenberger, MPIB
July 20, 17 h

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